Well I finally graduated from Pratt.  very exciting.  Judy Collins was the guest speaker which felt very fitting for me as I am a designer and songwriter. She was a trip.  But gave some very interesting insight on the world we live in.  I admired her demeanor and appreciate the words she gave.  so what's next sophie?


Pratt Show

Tonite was the opening night to the Pratt Show! We all stood by our work, awaiting for some industry dude to change our lives:) FEED US. GIVE US JOBS. MONEY. STREET CRED? It was exciting to see all the work come together and really function as  a unit that represented the amazing creatives at PRATT. Stay tuned. We are all bound for success.


just a paper bag

a little video I did inspired by a MOMA exhibit called Humble Masterpieces..

proud girlfriend.



so my computer got stuck in it's case. After about an hour of struggling with the damn zipper I had to take an exacto blade to it. RIP. ha