Sophie got POKED.

And off I go....
yup, I finally began working at POKE and I must say I love it.  I feel so fortunate to be a part of not just a company, but a group of people that give a shit.  I hear all these horrid stories about people working at huge, corporate agencies and spend years searching for a place like POKE.  and lucky for me I get to start here! Unfortunately my expectations for agencies are going to be out of reach now, I'm sure...

Great attitude.  Great ideas.  Great peeps.  It's pretty much about making cool shit on the Internet.  "they don't make advertisements, they make cool shit that just so happens to advertise.."  YES! a purpose.  how thoughtful.  

So it's very exciting, yet very overwhelming.  Starting out at the bottom is never easy but what's most important is to humble yourself.  I will try my very best to learn as much as I can and to offer as much as I'm capable.  I know I have good ideas.  I know it!  

in other news...I'm putting together my set with my drummer and violin player...Expect shows in a month or two! woohoo.  I will post video soon.

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