chris cornell

Last night I got to go to the Chris Cornell concert at Webster Hall. It was awesome. I was very inspired, and kind of want to be the female version of him....ha... His voice is so distinct, and there is a tone to it that you just become obsessed with.

and he sang Billie Jean, which is in my book, by the far one of the most successful covers anyone has ever done. He claimed that his wife kind of put him to the test by asking him "What makes a good cover?"....He tried explaining to her that it's all about taking something that is already good but redefining it as your own and bringing it to light in a totally different way. Choosing to do a Michael Jackson while trying to prove his point was almost arrogant because most Jackson songs are untouchable. But he did it with ease and hearing him sing that song is like hearing it for the very first time.

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