Today, we had two people from www.pokenewyork.com come into my Senior Project class....and the words...
UP.... are echoing in my ears....

it was inspiring. these people are beyond creative. it's like a whole new level of creativity. design is a lifestyle. and these people live it.

but the more I meet others the more I'm like HOLY SHIT. do i know anything? am i ready? I think it's important for your job to scare the shit out of you. mine definitely does. so now it's my assignment to brand ME....but it's not just branding myself but coming up with a strategic and innovative way to make people notice....to actually get them to look at my work...to take notice of me as a designer. I am now a starved for attention artist :) .....what can i do that no one else can? what will i do that gets me my first real job? what mark do I want to leave? all questions i'm pondering and are somehow bringing me back to kindegarden...."I AM SPECIAL BECAUSE...."

inspiring/exciting/scared shitless day.

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