Went to the coolest exhibit at the Museum Of New York. Was very content heavy but the design of the exhibit was super powerful that it didn't feel like a statistical overload....full of beautiful type, real life objects, huge photos, and interactive stuff!

I'm not a super go GREEN person, not that I don't care, I've just chosen to be not as aware...but that will change now...We live in a city with millions of people. We can make a difference. As designers, it is our responsibility to not only create designs that are aesthetically pleasing but also sustainable and not wasteful.

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  1. Them boys in Bayside are the most dangerous and backwards of all. The city should toughen inspections for medical, psychiatric and vehicle reasons to cut down the number of congestion. This way, we will also get the voters against congestion pricing, who live in Bayside and Staten Island, to move away. Free health care means psychiatric care for all those angry talk radio white males! They are all overweight from driving around too much, burdening the city health system!