My CD Design on Live Television

Today was exciting because Joey played on live television today ... and they did a shot of his cd packaging which I actually designed.  Shot the photo and did all the graphics for his new record "say something strong".....Check it out! 
PS Thanks to Alex for photoshopping& editing :)


Twitter Girl

Today was exciting! Twitter Girl and crew got to do an interview with someone very exciting! Will reveal soon!   Here are some pics......more to come!


okay enough about Tina! 
no but really, when your friend is on Perez Hilton you HAVE to blog about it.  
I can't believe it!


my roomate's a star!

she just got a music supervision credit on the new movie "Fighting Fish".....



Went to the coolest exhibit at the Museum Of New York. Was very content heavy but the design of the exhibit was super powerful that it didn't feel like a statistical overload....full of beautiful type, real life objects, huge photos, and interactive stuff!

I'm not a super go GREEN person, not that I don't care, I've just chosen to be not as aware...but that will change now...We live in a city with millions of people. We can make a difference. As designers, it is our responsibility to not only create designs that are aesthetically pleasing but also sustainable and not wasteful.


chris cornell

Last night I got to go to the Chris Cornell concert at Webster Hall. It was awesome. I was very inspired, and kind of want to be the female version of him....ha... His voice is so distinct, and there is a tone to it that you just become obsessed with.

and he sang Billie Jean, which is in my book, by the far one of the most successful covers anyone has ever done. He claimed that his wife kind of put him to the test by asking him "What makes a good cover?"....He tried explaining to her that it's all about taking something that is already good but redefining it as your own and bringing it to light in a totally different way. Choosing to do a Michael Jackson while trying to prove his point was almost arrogant because most Jackson songs are untouchable. But he did it with ease and hearing him sing that song is like hearing it for the very first time.


tina parol

Tina Parol, a good friend of mine's first single hit iTunes today! and you can find the logo I designed for her there too! 



OMG.  my mom is doing a reality show...

what is going on!?
It's not everyday that you have a dream that you can remember so vividly but also makes you feel sick when you wake up because it was so scary and the moment you wake up you know it was just happening in your head.  This happened to me this morning....I had this awful dream that there was this rumor that the Empire State Building was on fire but no one believed it until everybody started feeling the heat from the sewer holes.  My whole family  was in NY and are they not overactors or panicers so it took some convincing from a friend before we decided to hop in a pick up truck and go upstate.  Good thing because as we were about to leave someone came running to the car telling us to run because aliens (I guess not terrorists) where releasing a toxic gas in the air.  According to my dream, if you were in a car you could drive fast enough to get out of there.  So we escape...but then they finally catch us upstate and we all ended up being gassed.  I remember trying to be as much of big sister to my little sister as I could but in truth I was scared too.  We were all about to die in each others arms and then I woke up.  FREAKED OUT.  I had to call my whole family of course. 

You would think I went to bed watching aliens or signs...but no....I was designing up until I went to bed....

creative minds can be scary.


6AM walk.

after an extremely long night of bar tending by the time I got home it was light out. there is something so peculiar about the city in the morning...when it's really early...after a crazy saturday night. the streets you walk on everyday look just a little different. a little unusual....you notice thing's you might not take the time to notice while rushing to where you have to go next....



Today, we had two people from www.pokenewyork.com come into my Senior Project class....and the words...
UP.... are echoing in my ears....

it was inspiring. these people are beyond creative. it's like a whole new level of creativity. design is a lifestyle. and these people live it.

but the more I meet others the more I'm like HOLY SHIT. do i know anything? am i ready? I think it's important for your job to scare the shit out of you. mine definitely does. so now it's my assignment to brand ME....but it's not just branding myself but coming up with a strategic and innovative way to make people notice....to actually get them to look at my work...to take notice of me as a designer. I am now a starved for attention artist :) .....what can i do that no one else can? what will i do that gets me my first real job? what mark do I want to leave? all questions i'm pondering and are somehow bringing me back to kindegarden...."I AM SPECIAL BECAUSE...."

inspiring/exciting/scared shitless day.